Before purchasing a diamond, you should expect to review a copy of its certificate as proof that it has undergone an unbiased, professional examination.

What Is A Certificate?

A diamond certificate, also called a Diamond Grading Report, Diamond Dossier, or Diamond Quality Document, is a report created by a team of gemologists. The diamond is evaluated, measured, and scrutinized using trained eyes, a jewelerΓÇÖs loupe, a microscope, and other industry tools. A completed certificate includes an analysis of the diamondΓÇÖs dimensions, clarity, color, polish, symmetry, and other characteristics. Many round diamonds will also include a cut grade on the report.

MDC Diamonds Are Certified

Every loose diamond sold by MDC has been analyzed and graded by one of the following gem labs.

These laboratories are among the most respected laboratories in the diamond industry, and are known for their consistency and unbiased diamond grading systems. Diamonds that are accompanied by these grading reports are the most highly valued in the industry.

View Certificates While Shopping:

If you are interested in a specific certified diamond offered by MDC, you can view its certificate on our site before purchase. We offer a variety of grading reports and documentation:

  • GIA Diamond Grading Report
  • GIA Diamond Dossier
  • AGS Diamond Quality Document

If you are interested in a diamond and a certificate is not available for viewing on the site, simply contact a diamond and jewelry consultant at service@mdcdiamonds.com or 1-866-239-4315.

Laser Inscription:

Many of our diamonds are laser inscribed with the certificate number on the girdle of the diamond, for your protection and peace of mind.

The process of using a micro-laser beam to etch a microscopic inscription onto the girdle of a diamond.

This number is only visible under magnification. All of our diamonds are shipped with their own original certificates and you can always be certain that the diamond you have is the same one described on the certificate with its matching unique number.

If a diamond is not laser inscribed you can request to have the certificate number to be inscribed on the girdle of the diamond by contacting a diamond and jewelry consultant at service@mdcdiamonds.com or 1-866-239-4315.