Round cut diamonds account for approximately 75% of all engagement rings sold today. The round brilliant cut stone simply gives off the most sparkle, due to its numerous facets. However, you can also expect to pay more for round cut diamonds, because they require much more of the raw diamond to be cut when being shaped.

The skill of the cutter truly comes into play when you purchase any certified loose diamonds, whether you are interested in pear shaped diamonds or emerald cut diamonds. It is important that the cutter take into consideration the quality of the stone when cutting the diamond, as cutting a bigger stone sometimes yields in a less dazzling diamond. While carat weight is a big factor in determining the price, it is not the only factor to be considered.

Brilliant Round Cut Diamonds

Sometimes cutters will sacrifice quality in order to attain a higher carat weight. When this happens, clarity and color are not as exceptional, and your diamond won’t shine the way you would want it to. Don’t fall for the trick that a bigger diamond means a better, more valuable diamond.

You can shop for brilliant round cut diamonds online. If you want to make sure you are getting the most for your money, and you want the flexibility to return your diamond for a full refund if you decide you don’t want it, than you might want to consider buying through MDC Diamonds. We are a professional diamond dealer with top-notch customer service. There is absolutely no risk, and you can shop online, and/or visit out NYC showroom, so you can inspect your diamond in person.