Radiant cut diamonds combine the sophisticated shape and elegance of emerald cut diamonds with the brilliance of round cut diamonds. It used to be that square or rectangular shaped diamonds had a glassy appearance due to the way the stone was cut. This “step cut” has broader lines which can appear flat, making it difficult to reflect light as well as the brilliant cut diamonds.

However, with radiant cut diamonds, you get the best of both worlds. If you love the look of the emerald cut diamond, but feel that it is just too lackluster, than you will fall in love with the radiant cut. 70 facets offer brilliant light refraction, which is what makes the diamond sparkle in the light.

Exquisite Radiant Cut Diamonds

If you have your heart set on a rectangular shaped diamond, but want all the sparkle of a round cut diamond, you can have both with the radiant cut diamond. Of course, you still need to pay attention to clarity, color, and cut, because these factors will also determine the quality of the stone. And it is also important to remember that a bigger stone does not necessarily yield a better diamond. Many jewelers would like you to believe that carat size is the most important factor when buying a diamond, and they will charge you an arm and a leg for a diamond of mediocre quality but of high carat weight.

MDC Diamonds New York is an expert supplier of certified loose diamonds, and we will not mark up the price on diamonds simply because of the carat weight. In fact, when you purchase your diamonds through MDC Diamonds New York, you can expect to get exactly what you pay for, if not more. This means that two diamonds of equal carat weight can have entirely different prices, depending on the quality of the stones. Radiant cut diamonds tend to be a popular choice among consumers who want the sparkle of a round, but the shape of an emerald. View our inventory of radiant cut diamonds.